Each canoe is hand built by Jim Dodd, a life-long craftsman, wood worker, and solid wood furniture maker. He started building canoes for himself and became passionate about building them so much that he built a couple that are now for sale! Each canoe is really an art project for him and each individual canoe is designed differently. When he isn't displaying his own canoes in his man cave, he is enjoying beautiful lazy days on the water in the Blue Ridge Mountains. 

Each canoe is uniquely designed and looks great on the wall, but is quality-made and durable to be able to enjoy out on the water. They are also light enough to easily throw over your shoulder and carry yourself. Expect to get plenty of compliments at put in and take out access ramps with a Lazy River Canoe. Proudly display it on your wall as a masterpiece in your own man cave or vacation home. 

After first hearing how detailed & beautiful the craftsmanship of my wood strip canoes is, I get asked how I am not afraid to take my canoes in the water. They are surprisingly durable and strong. Though they are not meant for white water rafting, they are great lazy river canoes! Any canoe you take in a river with rocks will get some scratches. My wood strip canoes are easier than most to repair any seasonal scratches. Check out the video on quickness's & easy end of the season repairs: Video On Scratch Removal

Be sure to take a look at the Show Video to watch and learn more on the intricate details of the building to finishing process! 

The "Flagship" is for Sale!

It will stand out and be a talking point hanging on your wall. This beautiful hand built and hand painted canoe is durable enough to take on the water. It is priced at $3500. 

Blue Ridge PBS "Creative Virginia" Featured Story

We are very excited and proud to announce our recent debut on Blue Ridge PBS's "Creative Virginia." Check out our video segment and learn more about my wood strip canoes that I consider more to be works of art! A big thank you to our local Blue Ridge PBS station for helping share my story! The canoe in this video is Model #9. It is for sale now! Click here: http://lazyrivercanoes.com/for-sale

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