Woodstrip Solo Canoes

built by hand in buchanan, virginia


We build beautiful, handcrafted, solo, wood strip canoes that can be enjoyed displayed on your wall, as well as paddled down a lazy river. Our canoes range in size from 11.5' to 13.5' long and weigh between 25-45 pounds. Each canoe is available with a custom fit wall rack for proud display that solves your storage problems. Each wood strip canoe is also unique in its own way. The wood variety and detail is different for each canoe. We are also always trying to improve techniques and detail work. Canoes can be similar in shape and size, but there is only one of each model. Models are numbered in order of date built.

Check out our canoes for sale, photo galleries, and more. There's a lot of information to discover! 

Blue Ridge PBS "Creative Virginia" Featured Story

We are very excited and proud to announce our recent debut on Blue Ridge PBS's "Creative Virginia." Check out our video segment and learn more about my wood strip canoes that I consider more to be works of art! A big thank you to our local Blue Ridge PBS station for helping share my story! 

Our Handmade Woodstrip Canoes

Lightweight River Canoes

Lazy River Canoes only weigh between 35-45 pounds. They range 11.5-13.5 feet long. You can easily lift our canoes up on your shoulder and walk by all the people waiting for their turn on the ramp. Since they are so light in weight, I find myself going on the river a lot more by myself. 

Designed for Beauty & Utility

Enjoy your Lazy River Canoe displayed on your wall, as well as paddled down a lazy river. A single canoe with a complex shape can take as many as 200 hours to build. Each canoe is coated with fiberglass and epoxy for durability, and 3-4 coats of marine spar varnish for UV protection.

Add More Enjoyment to Your Life

These little canoes have truly added a new level of enjoyment to my life and time on the water. You will love drifting, or paddling, quietly along rivers, silently slipping up on wildlife and enjoying the day. There's still some nature out there, folks. Let me help you find it! 

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